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Hi, I'm Lynne Martin.

Lynne Martin

I'm a Senior User Experience Designer & Researcher living and working in the Philadelphia area. I work with agile product teams to create satisfying user experiences founded on solid research.

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 Myers Briggs Personality Type: ENFP

What I Do

My portfolio includes more than design; it includes a wide variety of UX program artifacts that I have honed over the years. It's a UX program in a box so I don't share it openly online. I share the password with those companies with which I am actively interviewing.

To request access you can reach me by email at or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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How I Do It

UX Leadership on Agile Product Teams

As an individual product team contributor I provide the following:

  1. Design Sprint facilitation: A process that promotes a shared understanding of the customer problems we are solving, accelerates design ideation, challenges assumptions, identifies risks and rapidly prototypes and tests designs.
  2. User Research: To better understand our customers' unmet needs, conduct interviews, surveys and perform contextual observation & inquiry. Report findings back to the product team. Iterate on designs as needed and create new user stories with Product Management.
  3. Provide detailed, annotated wireframes to document design direction. Work closely with developers to ensure features are implemented as designed.
  4. Prototype and test high risk features with customers in order to iterate and improve the design prior to delivery to engineering.
  5. Work closely with Product Manager/Product Owner to help refine stories, write tickets, identify UX fixes and create research and design schedules/plans.

UX Program Design & Implementation

For companies making their initial investments in UX, I am capable of designing and implementing a UX program from the ground up.

Baselining and Customer Access

Collaboration, Education and Process Changes

Advanced Education and Team Support



To learn more about my approach to agile UX, design thinking and transforming teams and organizations into design-driven, customer-centric enterprises please reach out either by email or through LinkedIn.